Reducing Pollution. Reusing Wastewater. Recycling Nutrients.


Fecal polluted water worldwide, both above and underground, is a huge human health and environmental crisis.

We need simple solutions.

The Wastewater Solution


  • A proven biological technology for practical management of sewage/manure.
  • Applied in lift stations, sewage pipes or directly into the influent prior to the system.
  • System retention time for lagoons or tanks should ideally be at minimum 30 to 45 days
  • No skilled labour is required.
  • No electricity is necessary.
  • When simple protocols are followed, effluent readings are regulatory compliant. 
  • Avoids the need for mechanical infrastructure, the use of polymers and reduces need to dispose of biosolids.
  • Greatly reduced maintenance required.
  • Supported by independent verification and numerous testimonials around the world. 
  • Supported by over 66 years of continued effectiveness.

Reuse for Agriculture

  • Agriculture uses 70% to 90% of the worlds fresh, which is not sustainable.
  • Treated wastewater is now a valuable resource for agriculture.
  • Treated wastewater has shown to increase crop yields by 20%.
  • Protein content of barley crops showed an increase of 30% +.
  • After recommended treatment, effluent is much easier to pump.

Renewable Energy

  • Install Anaerobic Lagoon Digesters (ALD) to capture the biogases for cooking or to generate electricity. 
  • Covering a lagoon or tank is cost effective.
  • When the decomposition of sewage is increased, the available biogases are released. A 10% to 50% increase in production have been recorded.
  • Infrastructure is less likely to be affected by adverse weather or natural disasters.
  • The return on investment of a new system is generally 5 to 8 years, depending on the value of the electricity.
  • Capturing biogases has numerous environmental benefits.

Wastewater Management Consulting Group

Environment Depot, for Wastewater to Energy works as a wastewater management consulting group with the following organizations as partners and consultants on various types of projects. These groups included Acti-Zyme Products Ltd, Pro-Biosphere, Hycura, and the Watertree foundation. The projects range from municipal wastewater system reclamations, fresh water system restoration, and beneficial wastewater reuse, to full project covered wastewater lagoon biogas systems.  

Full System Reclamation



  • Before and after photos taken over a four-month time span.
  • These photos are of an entry lagoon cell at a municipal wastewater treatment system in Chegutu, Zimbabwe.
  • Treated with proven microbial enhancement technology, to cost effectively manage sewage and providing environmentally acceptable outflow readings.

“The drinking water source for at least 2 billion people
globally is contaminated with faeces. Contaminated water can
transmit diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid,
and polio. Contaminated drinking water is estimated to cause
485 000 diarrhoeal deaths each year.”

World Health Organization, 14 June 2019


The treatment of fecal contaminated wastewater, for beneficial reuse, nutrients, and energy, is becoming an important strategy.

“Water, human health, food, the environment. What is more important?”

Bill Powell, CEO of Environment Depot, for Wastewater to Energy. 

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”
Albert Einstein

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