Who are We?

edwwe - Environment Depot for Waste Water to Energy Ltd. was formed  in 2012 with the purpose  to continue the journey of treating Global Waste Water.

edwwe is a collective group of expertise under one umbrella, with  strategic partnerships who have the capabilities and necessary skills and resources for global waste water projects.

edwwe has the knowledge and the technical capabilities to coordinate projects,  communicate effectively with the people in the field to collect and analyze data and perform special tasks related to waste water.



Our Approach?

edwwe takes simpler practical  hands on,  non engineered approaches 

edwwe found an uncomplicated hands on approach to working with communities to not only help solve their waste water  issues but their ability to grow crops for food and shelter and to provide much of their electrical needs, all the while reducing the carbon footprint left behind.

One approach is to work with cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions in rehabilitating waterways.

Another, is to contain the waste water so as to be able to speed up the decomposition of the waste, cover the lagoons to collect the available biogases, then reuse the environmentally acceptable nutrient rich reclaimed water for growing crops.             

Making human waste a resource.

How do we do it?

edwwe's  works with a proprietary biological product that provides an ecological solution to manage and rehabilitate the soft organic portion of  water;  biodegradable waste to address polluted water and fecal contamination.

Particularly affected are the small family farms. Fecal polluted waste water is affecting well/drinking water, livestock water and soil contamination, along with releasing biogases, into the atmosphere.

This can be achieved naturally.

The untreated waste enters into above and underground water sources; with simple application the biological  product is applied which then  increases the decomposition of the waste to liquid. We know that by speeding up of the decomposition of the waste  also allows for the harnessing of the available gases (biogases).


It is becoming more and more apparent that we need to look for new options to treat and reuse waste water. This month's video shows an even greater awareness and reality to the current Global water situation and the need for innovative ways to treating waste water.

Watch this compelling short video from National Geographic;
There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there was when the dinosaurs roamed. And just less than one percent of the planet's water is available to meet the daily drinking water, sanitation and food needs of nearly 7 billion people and millions of other species. Learn more about water in all its forms and how you can make a difference.

Watch Patricia Arquette's short video: Clean Water is Everyone's Problem http://www.givelove.org

Our Message

OUR world is facing a global water and waste water crisis where fresh water is our most valued asset.

We work with an ecologically sound solution, along the lines of what ‘Nature’ has been doing for centuries. Before the population explosion and urbanization in most countries and the need for mass storage and disposal of fecal waste water; Nature was able to degrade all the waste in a timely manner. Now, however, Nature needs a helping hand simply because of the overwhelming quantities. So we are helping Nature using an ecological solution synergistically rather than with mechanical and chemical methods.

The idea is to work with Nature; not to destroy what already exists. 

edwwe is growing and changing this one Project at a time with one Country, one town or city, with one polluted lagoon or body of water and an ecological solution that works. Imagine what we could do with multiple Projects, in multiple Countries, with multiple lagoons or bodies of water.

We can be the change and we invite you to join us and  be a part of the change with us

Next Important Steps...