Our Story

edwwe's true success story has evolved as a prior result of what was first started out of necessity from lack of sanitation and facilities at the end of World War II, when the troops were gathered and waiting transport back home, by ONE man to control odour and decrease waterborne diseases.

The need to naturally improve and manage waste water has grown over the past 64 years through extensive trials, case studies and in real life situations throughout  North America and Internationally.

Our Vision & Mission

edwwe's vision encompasses a viable, ethical and environmentally conscious approach to treating biodegradable waste water.

edwwe's  mission from inception is to continue the journey managing untreated biodegradable waste water and complete the cycle of turning it into a valuable asset. Thus benefiting the ecosystems, the health of the people, and the environment

don't waste clean water....clean waste water.

Who We Are

The strength of edwwe lies within our core  and the many experts we consult and partner with and the research team we have built and developed  to include scientists and industry experts

Bill Powell

CEO  & International

Jay Lundy

Director  & Manager

Jonathan Lee

Research & Development

Donna Iredale

Special Projects

Next Important Steps...