12 World Leaders Issue Clarion Call for Accelerated Action on Water

“World leaders now recognize that we face a global water crisis and that we need to reassess how we value and manage water,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres. “The panel’s recommendations can help to safeguard water resources and make access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation a reality for all.”  March 18/2018

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   There is a time to stand alone and There is a time to stand together

NOW is the Time we must STAND TOGETHER 

The Global Water Crisis cannot be resolved with Band aides.  It will take a collective effort from the many individuals and groups already in the field.

TOGETHER we can PARTNER WITH EACH OTHER for a complete solution.....  remove the band aides ...... first we need to treat the biodegradable waste water with the ecological solution - the lakes, rivers, streams - reclaim it, reuse it and with strategic partnerships,  make it potable water.

cube on earth

  WITHOUT WATER no solution will work.