Dr. Joo Hwa (Andrew) Tay -  Calgary Alberta   

Dr. Joo Hwa (Andrew) Tay  has served as consultant to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations organizations, World Health Organization (WHO), and several other International Technical Assistant Programs on environmental engineering & management in Asia-Pacific Region.              http://ucalgary.ca/energy/scholars/tay-joo-hwa

David Sharp  -  California 

Born in 1957 in Visalia California, the Son of a California pioneer Roy Sharp,  who developed the most cost effective and sustainable waste water to methane production to produce electricity to date.  Graduated California Polytechnic State University 1979 - Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science. He worked hand in hand with his late father, Roy Sharp and the California Energy Commission to develop and build the most efficient Swine Waste Methane Cogeneration System to date.

Theodorus (Theo) Hubertus Huitema  - Haiti and Africa.

His references include – World Vision International Wash Director, SOIL Director for Sustainable Organic Livelihoods Haiti, World Vision International Wash Cholera Manager. He is educated in the areas of Biogas, Wind Energy, Environmental Sanitation, NGO management, Partnership in building Wash oriented local projects and use of MET in latrines. Theo is currently a Technical Advisor to a local based NGO –SOIL.  Previous to that he was a Director for SOIL. World vision Haiti - Wash special advisor and Head of Wash Sector, World Vision International Zimbabwe and Swaziland – Wash Program Manager. Theo has provided technical advice to Haiti related to water trucking, storage, latrines waste collection and storage, transport and safe disposal. Through edwwe Theo introduced the environmentally friendly MET into latrines which was also very successful when introduced to use in pits designed by UNICEF.  Under UNICEF assistance he took part in Wash cluster and many sub working groups. Overall Theo’s technology expertise and design and development within the wash industry has been instrumental in edwwe's Projects.