The Water Tree Foundation is our natural evolution with a solution

The Water Tree Foundation evolved from the founders of Environment Depot for Waste Water to Energy Ltd (known as edwwe) to make a change. It is supported by Acti-Zyme Products Ltd, with 64 years of history and success in real life situations through hands on experience with an ecological solution to waste water challenges, managing and rehabilitating the waste water throughout North America and Internationally.

WHAT IF …we could reduce human suffering of lives that could be lost to waterborne illnesses, reclaim ecological habitats, provide electricity to people that have never turned on a light?

WHAT IF ….we could positively impact these 3 major Global issues - fecal contaminated water, overuse of fresh water and lack of electricity with a single solution and model?

What is the solution

IMAGINEreducing human suffering from waterborne illnesses, saving our ecological habitats and limited fresh water, providing energy to people that have never turned on a light…..with ONE ecological solution? 

IMAGINE …creating a model with the solution to positively impact 3 major global issues, fecal contaminated water,  polluted ecological habitats and lack of electricity

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” ― Charles Darwin

Our Model

The model addresses Water, Human health and Environmental issues.

We  have a model that with the right knowledge and skills an adult or young person, anywhere can take ownership of simple waste water treatment and reclaim the water for reuse. Our model is replicable, scalable, and sustainable whether it’s for household, reuse for agriculture or the future process of waste water to renewable energy for electricity for the community. The projects will educate and empower communities. This technology can be transferred from community to community around the world.

We have stories of people whose lives have been changed from using the ecological solution, because the raw sewage is no longer running in the streets alongside gardens, a small farm using direct irrigation with reclaimed water in Haiti, large farming corporations using the reclaimed water crop irrigation with better yields and no soil contamination issues.

Chitungwiza - growing garden in sewage

Haiti- Direct Irrigation  - photo Theo Huitema                  Chitungwiza 2010 gardens  - photo AZAComp                       Haiti better banana tree growth - photo Theo Huitema

College tests show increased protein content in grains using reclaimed water. Trials to increase biogases have been completed in laboratory environments and in real life situations and based on the expertise of systems that have cost effectively collected the biogas to generate electricity continuously for 31 years.

hog farm

Haiti - direct irrigation- photo Theo Huitema                          Olds College Ab - pig manure biogas production                Royal Farms California biogas production - photo Jay Lundy   

What we do as a Foundation

It is our responsibility to recognize and address the problems communities face in developing countries related to fecal contaminated water:

  • through educating and enabling communities to treat their waste water and the options to turn this waste into a resource.
  • Work with the communities in need to implement the solutions to the waste water issues, reuse of water for irrigation and gardens and processes for renewable power - electricity for lights and for cooking
  • Empower the people within the communities through the transfer of technology to recognize and find solutions to their clean water shortages through reuse of available water.
  • To help the communities recognize and address the problems of contaminated waste water in the environment to reduce waterborne illness,  alleviating environmental contamination of above ground and below ground water sources.
  • Transfer the technology to the women and girls so that they can in-turn teach other communities

Meet the Founding members of the Water Tree Foundation.

Bill Powell           Patricia Powell          Donna Iredale

logo and fishing

The Foundation is deeply rooted in water with purpose and direction to branch out to the many communities in need

Be a Part of our Journey... as we evolve and grow

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